TGuide S16 DNA/RNA Extraction Kits


  • Nucleic  Acid
    Sample Type
    Product name
    Cat no.
    DNA Animal Tissue
    TGuide Smart Magnetic Tissue DNA Kit
    DNA Plant & Seed
    TGuide Smart Magnetic Plant DNA Kit
    DNA Soil/Stool
    TGuide Smart Soil /Stool DNA Kit
    DNA Gel & PCR products
    TGuide Smart DNA Purification Kit
    RNA Blood/Cell/Tissue

    TGuide Smart Blood/Cell/Tissue RNA Kit

    RNA Plant & Seed
    TGuide Smart Magnetic Plant RNA Kit

  • Product introduction

    •Recovers DNA quickly and efficiently from TAE/TBE gel and PCR product.

    •DNA fragment size range:100 bp-15 kb.

    •The DNA recovered by using this kit can be used for digestion, PCR, sequencing, library screening, ligating, transformations and other experiments.

  • Features

    Super easy to use.

    No extra pipetting work.

    The elution volume can be adjusted as required.

    The installation and operation require little training. With pre-installed programs, unpack the cartridge, select the protocol and run your experiment. Programs are ready-to-use, and also customizable.

    Preloaded reagents and matched disposable consumables.

    The chemical handling is eliminated to the greatest extent to ensure the operation safety.