Alanine Aminotraasferase ALT Fluorometric Assay Kit - E-BC-F038

Alanine Aminotraasferase ALT Fluorometric Assay Kit - E-BC-F038

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Detection principle

ALT catalyze the amino conversion reaction between alanine and α-ketoglutaric acid to produce pyruvic acid and glutamic acid. Under the action of pyruvate oxidase, pyruvic acid generates H2O2, which reacts with the non-fluorescent substance to form fluorescent substance under the action of peroxidase. The activity of ALT can be calculated by measuring the increase of fluorescence value at the excitation wavelength of 535 nm and the emission wavelength of 590 nm.

Performance characteristics

Synonyms ALT
Sample type Serum, plasma, animal tissue
Sensitivity 0.01 U/L
Detection range 0.01-0.83 U/L
Detection method Fluorescence method
Assay type Enzyme Activity
Assay time 75 min
Precision Average inter-assay CV: 9.800%Average intra-assay CV: 2.300%
Other instruments required Pipettor, Vortex mixer, Centrifuge
Storage -20℃
Valid period 12 months

Dilution of sample

It is recommended to take 2~3 samples with expected large difference to do pre-experiment before formal experiment and dilute the sample according to the result of the pre-experiment and the detection range (0.01-0.83 U/L).

The recommended dilution factor for different samples is as follows (for reference only):

Sample type

Dilution factor

Human serum


Dog serum


Rat serum


10% Mouse heart tissue homogenate


10% Rat spleen tissue homogenate


10% Rat liver tissue homogenate


10% Rat kidney tissue homogenate


10% Rat lung tissue homogenate


Note: The diluent is reagent 1.


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