BCA Protein Colorimetric Assay Kit - E-BC-K318-M

BCA Protein Colorimetric Assay Kit - E-BC-K318-M

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Detection principle

Cu2+ can be reduced to Cu+ by protein in alkaline condition. Cu+ can combine with BCA reagent and form purple complex, which has a maximum absorption peak at 562 nm. The absorbance value is proportional to the protein concentration. Therefore, the protein concentration can be calculated according to the OD value.


Performance characteristics

Synonyms TP
Sample type Serum,plasma,cell culture supernatant,tissue,cells
Sensitivity 0.0165 mg/mL
Detection range 0.0165-1 mg/mL
Detection method Colorimetric method
Assay type Quantitative
Assay time 40 min
Precision Average inter-assay CV: 4.500%Average intra-assay CV: 2.200%
Other instruments required Vortex mixer, Micropipettor, Incubator
Other reagents required Normal saline (0.9% NaCl), PBS (0.01 M, pH 7.4)
Storage RT
Valid period 12 months

Dilution of sample

It is recommended to take 2~3 samples with expected large difference to do pre-experiment before formal experiment and dilute the sample according to the result of the pre-experiment and the detection range (0.0165-1 mg/mL).

The recommended dilution factor for different samples is as follows (for reference only):

Sample type

Dilution factor

10% Mouse brain tissue homogenization


10% Mouse kidney tissue homogenization


Human serum


10% Rat liver tissue homogenization


10% Mouse heart tissue homogenization


Rat serum


Note: The diluent is normal saline (0.9% NaCl) or PBS (0.01 M, pH 7.4).

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