CD8 Monoclonal Antibody - PA5036

CD8 Monoclonal Antibody - PA5036

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Size 3mL/6mL(Ready-to-Use)     100μL/200μL(Concentrated)
Source Mouse
Clone No. YN00246m
Reactivity Human
Application IHC-P
Background CD8 is a T cell marker expressed on cytotoxic / suppressive lymphocytes, as well as on natural killer cells, most thymocytes, blank cell subsets and bone marrow cells. Simultaneous expression or deletion of CD4 and CD8 in lymphoid populations is usually evidence of lymphoma. CD8 may or may not be expressed in most T-cell lymphoma / leukemia, but because mycosis fungoides is CD8 negative, CD8 expression may help to exclude mycosis fungoides. CD8 can hardly be expressed in Non blood lymphoma tumor (NHL).


Immunohistochemistry of paraffinembedded Human tonsil tissue with CD8 Monoclonal Antibody(Antigen repaired by EDTA).