DNA/RNA/Protein Isolation Kit (ref 4992729)

DNA/RNA/Protein Isolation Kit (ref 4992729)

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  • Storage

    Store at room temperature (15-25℃ )

  • Description

    The DNA/RNA/Protein Isolation Kit allows rapid and simultaneous extraction of DNA, total RNA and total proteins from cultured animal cells or tissues, and large number of different samples can be processed simultaneously. The reaction can be completed within 1 hour. 

  • Required Reagents

    β-mercaptoethanol, ethanol

  • Features

    ■ Convenient: DNA, RNA and total proteins can be purified simultaneously from the same sample.

    ■ Fast: DNA/RNA/protein extraction can be completed within 1 hour.

    ■ Safe: No phenol/chloroform are required for the extraction process.

    ■ Reliable: The purified DNA/RNA/protein can be used in various downstream experiments.

  • Applications

    Applicable for various downstream molecular experiments such as PCR and RT-PCR, etc. 



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