Ki-67 Monoclonal Antibody - PA6189

Ki-67 Monoclonal Antibody - PA6189

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Size 3mL/6mL(Ready-to-Use)     100μL/200μL(Concentrated)
Source Mouse
Clone No. YN00996m
Reactivity Human
Application IHC-P
Background Ki-67 antigen is a nuclear protein related to cell proliferation, which may be the key factor of cell proliferation. In addition, Ki-67 is related to ribosomal RNA transcription. Ki-67 is present in G1, S, M and G2 phases of cell division cycle, but not in G0 phase of cell quiescence. Ki-67 is used to judge the different types of tumors, because it exists in all proliferating cells (normal cells and tumor cells), and it is a very good marker to determine the proliferation rate of a given cell population.


Immunohistochemistry of paraffinembedded Human tonsil tissue with Ki-67 Monoclonal Antibody(Antigen repaired by EDTA).