McCoy's 5A without phenol red - PM150714

McCoy's 5A without phenol red - PM150714

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McCoy's 5A medium was initially used specifically for the culture of Novikoff Hepatoma cells. Unlike other medium, mcCoy's 5A medium contains reduced glutathione, bacterial peptone and high concentrations of glucose. McCoy's 5A is widely used in the culture of primary cells, such as bone marrow, skin, gingiva, kidney, spleen, lung, rat embryo, omentum and so on. In addition, McCoy's 5A medium is also used for tissue biopsy culture, the establishment of cell line, and the culture of some lymphocytes and more difficult cells. This product contains many kinds of amino acids, vitamins, inorganic salts and other ingredients for cell culture, but does not contain protein, lipids or any growth factors. Therefore, the product should be used with serum or serum-free additives.

General Information

Product Form Liquid
pH 7.2-7.4
D-Glucose 3000mg/L
HEPES Negative
L-glutamine 1.5mM
NaHCO3 2200mg/L
Phenol red Negative
Storage 2-8°C, Shading light
Shipping RT
Expiration date 12 months



1. This product is for research use only.
2. This product is sterilized by 0.22 μ m filtration.
3. It is necessary to pay attention to the aseptic operation and avoid the pollution during the culture.