Mouse Tissue Direct PCR Kit

Mouse Tissue Direct PCR Kit

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The Mouse Tissue Direct PCR Kit adopts a unique packaging design
that includes all the reagents for rapid genomic DNA preparation
and PCR amplification. It is applicable for the one-step genome DNA
purification from mouse tissues (tail, ear and toe) and the subsequent
PCR amplification and detection. The whole process does not include
homogenization, smashing, overnight digestion, organic solvent
extraction, ethanol precipitation or column purification steps. Stable
results can be obtained with simple and fast operations.
The 2× Dir PCR MasterMix provided by this kit is a highly compatible
PCR reagent that can efficiently and specifically amplify DNA without
the need for removing impurities such as proteins. This reagent
contains an antibody modified hot-start Taq DNA polymerase, dNTPs,
MgCl2, buffers, as well as the enhancer, optimizer and stabilizer for
PCR reaction. The PCR reaction can be performed by simply adding in
roughly extracted template and specific primers. The whole process is
fast, simple, sensitive, specific and stable, which is especially suitable
for high-throughput screening. The 2× Dir PCR MasterMix contains
premix electrophoresis dye, so that the PCR products can be directly
sent for electrophoresis detection after the reaction. The 3’ end of the
PCR product has a A-tailing, which can be used for TA cloning.


■ Simple and fast: Genomic DNA can be rapidly extracted from mouse
tissues in 60 minutes without liquid nitrogen grinding and organic
solvent extraction.
■ Wide application: It is suitable for one-step extraction of genomic DNA
from mouse tail, ear, toe and other tissues.
■ High specificity: The Taq polymerase used in this product is an
antibody modified hot-start enzyme, with high template and primer
affinity and amplification specificity, which is especially suitable for
genotyping and transgenic identification.
■ Gene detection: The product is easy to operate with reliable results,
and it is especially suitable for high-throughput analysis and detection
of mouse tissues.


Storage Conditions

The Tissue Lysis Buffer and Digestive Enzyme should
be stored under room temperature (15-25℃ ). The
2×Dir PCR MasterMix should be stored at -20℃ .

Experimental Example