TEasy AP 400/600 Automated Pipetting System

TEasy AP 400/600 Automated Pipetting System

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    TEasy Automated Pipetting System is a fully automatic and high precision pipetting system. It is specially used for preparing small volume PCR/qPCR system, which can replace manually preparation of PCR/qPCR. The system can ensure the accuracy, precision and repeatability of the experiment, and reduce manual operation errors. Meanwhile, TEasy AP 400/600 Automated Pipetting System can be equipped with UV lamp and HEPA, and can also be used for liquid transfer operation of cell culture.

  • Features

    ■ Easy to use: The software operation can be easily mastered within 1 hour. The built-in PCR/qPCR preparation program can be modified and transmitted quickly.

    ■ Compatible consumables: Interchangeable pipette tip with Beckman Biomek 3000 system.

    ■ Simple maintenance: The automated pipetting module (APM) can be easily replaced and sent back for debugging.

    ■ High accuracy and precision.

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