TGear Mini Centrifuge (ref OSE-MC8)

TGear Mini Centrifuge (ref OSE-MC8)

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  • Description

    TGear Mini Centrifuge is a mini short-spin centrifuge suitable for various types of centrifuge tubes. It is suitable for the centrifugation before PCR experiment, and molecular biological experiments such as rapid sample precipitation, separation of supernatant from various samples, separation of serum from whole blood as well as the separation of blood cells with trace amount.

  • Features

    ■ All-in-one rotor, no need to replace the rotor when using centrifugal tubes with different volumes.

    ■ Mute technology ensures low noise.

    ■ The bottom weighting design ensures no displacement.

    ■ Durable, Safe and Reliable.

    ■ Powerful high speed: The 8,000 rpm high speed motor and larger centrifugal angle speed can achieve fast centrifugation.

    ■ Sufficient space, which is convenient to put and take out centrifuge tubes.

  • Operating Parameters

  • Important Notes

    ■ Please use centrifuge tubes of the same specification and containing the same volume of liquid to confirm the balance before running the instrument.

    ■ Do not touch the rotor or move the machine until the rotor has completely stopped.

    ■ The machine should be placed on a horizontal and sturdy workbench.