TGrinder H24R Tissue Homogenizer

TGrinder H24R Tissue Homogenizer

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OSE-TH-02 1 Set


The TGrinder H24R Tissue Homogenizer uses a three-dimensional, high-speed vibration mode to process 1-24 individual samples simultaneously. The built-in compressor allows the cooling function without use of liquid nitrogen, which effectively prevents the degradation or denaturation of heat sensitive molecules. The top lid scroll fan design ensures temperature uniformity within the chamber. The grinding media (zirconia beads, stainless steel beads, ceramic beads, glass beads, etc.) can be used to effectively grind, lyse and homogenize different types of biological samples (e.g., plant tissue, animal tissue, soil and feces, etc.) with different reagents for rapid and stable extraction of DNA/RNA/protein from samples while preserving the molecular integrity.



  • Features

    • Sample throughput: grind 1-24samples at the same time. Large throughput. High efficiency.

    • Motion mode: 3D ∞ vibration mode, more thorough homogenization.

    • Fast grinding: 30-60 sec protocol to homogenize samples.

    • Grinding effect: high strength, uniform effect, no cross-contamination.

    • Low noise and durability: no wearing parts, low noise.

    • Cooling function: down to -10°C. The low temperature environment effectively prevents nucleic acid degradation and protein denaturation.

    • Safe and reliable: lid lock design and automatic brake mechanism.

    • Preinstalled program: complete solutions for different samples.

  • Operating Parameters