TGuide Smart Soil /Stool DNA Kit - 4993549

TGuide Smart Soil /Stool DNA Kit - 4993549

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TGuide Smart Soil / Stool DNA Kit

Purifies inhibitor-free DNA of high purity and quality from soil and stool samples

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DP612-DE 48



  • Product introduction

    •Purifies DNA from flower bed soil, flower-pot soil, farmland soil, forest soil, silt, red soil, black soil, dust and other soil environmental samples, as well as from stool

    •The input is 250~500 mg per sample

    •The DNA can use for in PCR, qPCR, 16S metagenomic sequencing

  • Features

    Super easy to use.

    No extra pipetting work.

    The elution volume can be adjusted as required.

    The installation and operation require little training. With pre-installed programs, unpack the cartridge, select the protocol and run your experiment. Programs are ready-to-use, and also customizable.

    Preloaded reagents and matched disposable consumables.

    The chemical handling is eliminated to the greatest extent to ensure the operation safety.