TIANamp Blood DNA Kit (ref 4992207)

TIANamp Blood DNA Kit (ref 4992207)

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  • Storage

    This kit can be stored under dry condition at room temperature (15-25℃) for 12 months. For long term storage, please store at 2-8℃.
  • Description

    The TIANamp Blood DNA Kit uses spin columns which can specifically bind to DNA, and provides unique buffer system for effective blood gDNA extraction. The spin column is made of new type silica membrane which can bind DNA efficiently and specifically. It can maximally remove contaminant proteins and other organic compounds in cells. Genomic DNA isolated by the kit is stable with good integrity and purity.
  • Required Reagents

    RNaseA (100 mg/ml), isopropanol, ethanol
  • Features

    ■ Wide application: The kit could be used to extract gDNA from anticoagulant blood (EDTA, heparin, etc.), buffy coat and blood clots directly.

    ■ High quality: With the unique lysis buffer system, the purified DNA with high concentration, purity and good integrity could satisfy the demands of chip hybridization and high-throughput sequencing.

    ■ Rapid and non-toxic: The kit uses silica membrane adsorption technology and does not need phenol and chloroform. The whole extraction process could be completed within 1 hour.

  • Applications

    Suitable for downstream experiments such as restriction digestion, PCR, library construction, Southern blot, chip hybridization and high-throughput sequencing, etc.
  • Important Notes

    1. To remove RNA residues, RNase A solution (100 mg/ml) needs to be self-prepared.

Experimental Example

  • Genomic DNA were extracted from blood samples using TIANamp Blood DNA Kit.

    M: TIANGEN Marker D15000.

    Samples: 200 μl human anticoagulation blood with EDTA, EDTA/NaF, heparin and sodium citrate; buffy coat from 2 ml blood; 10 μl chicken blood and 200 μl rat blood. For buffy coat, 2 μl of 100 μl eluates were loaded; for the others, 4 μl of 100 μl eluates were loaded per lane.

    Experimental results: TIANamp Blood DNA Kit can be widely applied in the high-quality DNA purification from human anticoagulants with different treatments as well as the blood from various species.


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