TIANamp Micro DNA Kit (ref 4992287)

TIANamp Micro DNA Kit (ref 4992287)

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  • Storage

    Room temperature (15-25℃)
  • Description

    The TIANamp Micro DNA Kit simplifies isolation of low abundance DNA from low amount samples with a fast spin-column procedure. No phenol/chloroform extraction is required. PCR inhibitors such as impurities and proteins are significantly removed in two efficient wash steps, leaving pure DNA to be eluted in either water or the buffer provided within the kit. The purified genomic DNA is ready-to-use in sensitive downstream applications.
  • Required Reagents

    Ethanol, RNaseA (optional), DTT is required for the extraction of hair follicle samples.
  • Features

    ■ Rapid purification of high-quality DNA.

    ■ No phenol/chloroform extraction is required.

    ■ Carrier RNA enhances the binding of low abundance DNA to silica membrane.

    ■ Complete removal of contaminants and inhibitors, facilitating downstream applications.

  • Function of Carrier RNA

    Carrier RNA supplied in TIANamp Micro DNA Kit enhances DNA binding to the silica membrane, especially when the target DNA is low abundance in the sample.


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