Total Antioxidant Status TAS Colorimetric Assay Kit - E-BC-K801-M

Total Antioxidant Status TAS Colorimetric Assay Kit - E-BC-K801-M

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Detection principle

ABTS is oxidized to green ABTS•+ by appropriate oxidant, which can be reduced to colorless ABTS in the presence of antioxidants. The TAS of the sample can be determined and calculated by measuring the absorbance of ABTS•+ at 660 nm. Trolox is an analog of VE and has a similar antioxidant state to that of VE. Trolox is used as a reference substance for total antioxidant status.

Performance characteristics

Synonyms TAS
Sample type serum, plasma, urine, cellular supernatant, animal, plant tissue
Sensitivity 0.23 mmol Trolox Equiv./L
Detection range 0.23-2 mmol Trolox Equiv./L
Detection method Colorimetric method
Assay type Quantitative
Assay time 30 min
Precision Average inter-assay CV: 7%Average intra-assay CV: 4.600%
Other instruments required Micropipettor, 37℃ incubator.
Other reagents required 60% Ethanol
Storage -20℃
Valid period 12 months


Different subscript letters indicate significant differences among the groups. (P<0.05)

X Zhao et al investigate the function of quercetin for reducing ethanol-induced hepatocyte pyroptosis. Total antioxidants status (TAS) of human L02 cell was determined using TAS colorimetric assay kit (E-BC-K801-M).

Dilution of sample

It is recommended to take 2~3 samples with expected large difference to do pre-experiment before formal experiment and dilute the sample according to the result of the pre-experiment and the detection range (0.23-2 mmol Trolox Equiv. /L).

The recommended dilution factor for different samples is as follows (for reference only):

Sample type

Dilution factor

10% Mouse liver tissue homogenate


10% Rat liver tissue homogenate


10% Rat lung tissue homogenate


Molt4 cellar supernatant


Human urine


Mouse serum


Human serum


Human saliva


Note: The diluent is 60% Ethanol.


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